A small bit about the big man...


Brian McGrath is a Folk & Americana Singer-Songwriter from Chicago and currently based in Madison, Wisconsin.

With intense, honest conviction tempered by Midwest sensibility and grit, the big man with a big voice tells tales of broken characters, desolate landscapes, and hopeful redemption all along the highways and byways of the American heartland.

McGrath has performed all over the country, joining the stage with troubador royalty Dar Williams, Tom Chapin, and even Italian opera star Andrea Bocelli.  Whether performing for thousands along the banks of the Pete Seeger's Hudson River, in the dark wooden-walled haunts of Chicago's folk underground, or the lamplit listening rooms of intimate home storytelling nights, McGrath cuts straight to the heart - the soulful bellow of a man on fire.  

After years of being a main-stay in the Chicago folk scene, McGrath has uprooted and settled in indie-folk mecca Madison, Wisconsin.  His new album, "The Lonely Hour" was released in early November.