St. James Asylum

from Into the Grey by Brian McGrath



You crossed that line
Drawn somewhere in my mind
Show me, show me, I want to see ‘til I go blind

Too many faces
Too many places to be
Searching, searching for a hand
Reached out to me

I've worn that mask, darling
I lived that lie
Know all the lines by heart
I try my best to try my best, it does not last
Everything just falls apart

Oh, it must mean something
It must mean something
It must mean something
Oh, it’s gotta mean something

Climb to the top, realize
You're at the bottom
I lost my patience, lost my mind
I still have not found them

Out on St. James, walking shame
Eyes behind the shades
Signals lost, wires crossed
None of this is gonna save me

People smiling, those drooling fools
Hiding their true disdain
A copy of a copy of a stolen joke no one made

Oh, it’s gotta mean something
It must mean something
It must mean something
It’s gotta mean something

I see your face in every window up and down my street
In every puddle, every dream, every happy thing
I think you think I think you're in control of every scene
But the strings that you've been pulling aren't connected to anything

Your past is crying out
No needs been met
Fated to die a slow death
Lord, load up the chamber, time to change, change, change...oh no!

Oh, it's gonna mean something!
It's gonna be something!
It's must mean something!
It’s gotta mean something!


from Into the Grey, released August 17, 2018
Words, Music, Performance by Brian McGrath.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Brian McGrath.
©2017-2018 Brian McGrath


all rights reserved



Brian McGrath Chicago, Illinois

Brian McGrath is an Indie Folk Songwriter born and bred in Chicago, Illinois.

With intense, honest conviction tempered by Midwest sensibility and grit, the big man with a big voice tells tales of broken characters, desolate landscapes, and hopeful redemption all along the highways and byways of the American heartland. ... more

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